Final Thoughts on the Campaign

As my presidential campaign draws to a close, I’d like to say a few final words.  My vision for the AHSC is that of a council that supports the students that it represents, that respects the work of alumni, that recognizes the amazing work being done by Arts organizations in the London community, and that is known on campus for the work it does and the events it puts on.  I want to support arts students and their initiatives – no idea is too big or too small.  I want council to have a “family feel,” where council members feel comfortable talking to other members, knowing that they will find support with them.   Because this is what council is for me, and I want others to feel the same support that I do.  Discovering the AHSC at the end of first year was life-changing.  It was and is a community of like-minded people who understand that university isn’t just about getting a job; it’s about getting an education.  They made me realize my degree had value.  A degree is not something you simply hang on the wall, it’s an unforgettable learning experience that helps determine who you are and what you’re going to do with your life.  For me, I’ve discovered the possibility of a career in Arts Management, something I didn’t know existed until this year.  It’s a career that I’m now interested in pursuing because I want to work with amazing artists to showcase their talent to the community.  I love working with council and knowing that I’m part of something bigger, because the Arts touch everyone and everything and shape our world.   I believe the Arts matter – and now it’s time to make sure others do too.  Vote Sarah Emms for AHSC President February 12 and 13 at


2 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on the Campaign

  1. Chère Sarah! Walking by your side from this side of the Atlantic! Outstanding campaign, vision and passion for the arts! My best wishes and thanks from Paris!


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