Final Thoughts on the Campaign

As my presidential campaign draws to a close, I’d like to say a few final words.  My vision for the AHSC is that of a council that supports the students that it represents, that respects the work of alumni, that recognizes the amazing work being done by Arts organizations in the London community, and that is known on campus for the work it does and the events it puts on.  I want to support arts students and their initiatives – no idea is too big or too small.  I want council to have a “family feel,” where council members feel comfortable talking to other members, knowing that they will find support with them.   Because this is what council is for me, and I want others to feel the same support that I do.  Discovering the AHSC at the end of first year was life-changing.  It was and is a community of like-minded people who understand that university isn’t just about getting a job; it’s about getting an education.  They made me realize my degree had value.  A degree is not something you simply hang on the wall, it’s an unforgettable learning experience that helps determine who you are and what you’re going to do with your life.  For me, I’ve discovered the possibility of a career in Arts Management, something I didn’t know existed until this year.  It’s a career that I’m now interested in pursuing because I want to work with amazing artists to showcase their talent to the community.  I love working with council and knowing that I’m part of something bigger, because the Arts touch everyone and everything and shape our world.   I believe the Arts matter – and now it’s time to make sure others do too.  Vote Sarah Emms for AHSC President February 12 and 13 at



I’m Sarah Emms, and I’m running for Arts and Humanities Students’ Council President at Western University. I’m currently the VP Communications for council, and I absolutely love getting to work with great people on awesome events for the Arts Community on campus. I’ve helped to promote all of our events this year, as well as council itself, both to students on campus and to potential students at our Open Houses. I’ve developed a new AHSC website through the faculty’s IT Department (, and supervised our publications team in the production of our creative and academic journals (look for Propaganda soon!). I’m currently working on promotional plans for our big speaker event that will be held in March and two different Art Festivals (more details to come).

I’m also the Co-President of Rotaract Western, a community service club. We fundraise for local and international charities and organize volunteer opportunities for our members. Last year, I was the French Department Representative for council and I was the ASAP Tutoring Program Coordinator for Rotaract. I’ve also volunteered for the past two years on a weekly basis with the program at Wilfrid Jury, a local elementary school. In first year, I was Floor President (go 8 Low!) for Saugeen and I sat on the AHSC Student Donation Fund Review Committee.

Why am I the best candidate for President? Because I am approachable, organized, enthusiastic, and dependable. I am extremely passionate about the arts, as they have been a major part of my life. I’ve been a ballerina, a band geek, a choir member, and a theatre performer. I’m comfortable in front of a crowd and I am ready and willing to speak up when necessary. But part of what makes a great performer is the ability to work as part of a team and to know when to shine and when to let someone else take the spotlight. So I also know that it’s just as important to speak up as it is to step back and listen to what others are saying and doing in order to have the best outcome for everyone involved. I am confident in my ability to balance the roles of speaker and listener in order to best represent Arts on campus and in the community. I’m an excellent communicator who knows how to make sure the right message gets heard by the right people.

My exceptional organizational and time management skills will enable me to dedicate the time necessary to make sure that Arts is well-represented and well-known on campus. How many other people do you know who alphabetize the clothes in their closet by the colour of the clothing? Exactly. My work with Rotaract has given me lots of experience navigating the USC Clubs System, working with members, and managing an executive. I understand the difficulties that student clubs have. This experience will be essential for next year, when the AHSC creates its own clubs system for the Arts clubs on campus.

I love working with council and knowing that I’m part of something bigger, because the Arts touch everyone and everything and shape our world. I’m extremely motivated to prove to campus and the community that the Arts matter and that they have a large community of supporters behind them.

So on February 12th and 13th, vote Sarah Emms for AHSC President so that I can show you how passionate I am about Arts and the Arts community. Because the Arts matter. And it’s time to prove it.


Why Arts?

To me, one of the best things about Arts is that it creates a safe space where it’s ok to be wrong, to challenge norms, and to lead with your heart. It’s a place where you can take chances and you know you’ll always have someone there to support you. It’s a community that looks after its members, but is always looking to meet new people.